Our Story

ClickPly is another example of great Kiwi ingenuity and innovation at its best.

The revolutionary cutting process and design, that is changing the world of flat packed furniture as we know it, was designed by a father and son duo.

Motivated by the need to eliminate the frustration associated with assembling flat packed furniture and the desire to create practical and smart furniture that could be used in all Kiwi homes.

Made from 12mm sustainable plywood, all ClickPly products are designed and produced right here in New Zealand using the uniquely designed tools and techniques. 

Hours of experimenting and perfecting were spent to create the innovative puzzle-like configuration that scraps the need for glue, nails, screws and allen keys for good.

The concept now trademarked as ClickPly.  The team is working on a wide range of design concepts and ranges to cater for everything from essential storage, the children's playroom to the family batch or favourite campsite.

The beauty of ClickPly is that is can be used to make simple, sturdy designer furniture at an accessible price point.

How to ClickPly

To assemble - simply start with two stool or table legs.
Line up the edges like a jigsaw and 'tap' each tab in place using a rubber mallet.

Once all four legs have been connected, simply 'tap' on the seat.
To de-assemble, simply turn stool or chair upside down and 'tap' off the seat with the mallet. Follow by doing the same with each leg.

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